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i’ve moved locations…. www.nono2yoyo.com please

update your info!! ūüôā see ya there!!

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I’m pregnant!! …..ok Just kidding. But I am moving!¬† Not cities or houses or jobs,
but blog locations!  You can now find me at 

New site: http://www.nono2yoyo.com
Feed: http://www.nono2yoyo.com/?feed=rss2

It’s still the same blog but in a new location and with a new look! I will be posting all of my new posts on that site,¬†so make sure to¬†update all your¬†feeds, links, blogs etc¬†to the new site address so you can come and visit me there! I just finished the transfer this morning and am still working on a few things so bare with me. I’m excited that I have my own site…i’ve never had one before. yay!


If you have ever thought about self hosting but aren’t quite sure how to make the switch, check out this amazing blog that I came across the other day. Its called Health Blog Helper. If you are new to the health/food/fitness blogging world like me there are so many things that exist that I’m not even aware of, and at¬†times its pretty overwhelming. Health Blog Helper¬†has been a life saver! Matt, the host has¬†been so awesome to¬†answer every single question i’ve had about moving my blog and figuring out how things work.¬†I’m no stranger to technology but there is a lot to¬†know and learn¬†and without the help of him and his blog I would not even know where to start!
Thanks Matt!

I’m still experimenting with the new layout and look check it out and let me know what you think!

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Diet Coke and Poop

September 25, 2009 4 comments


Diet Coke and Poop.  Do they have anything in common??

Sorry to say the¬†“P” word…but it’s what this post is all about. Before I get started I have a short disclaimer: I realize that the amount of diet coke¬†I’m about to tell you about is an awful, crazy, disgusting, absurd, ridiculous, crazy, stupid amount. Just for the record, I know.

I thought it was important to throw that out there before I tell you just how much I was drinking.

I have always had a hard time with my digestion…mostly the part where the food exits your body. I just¬†couldn’t go. It was pretty normal for me to go just once a week.¬† It’s been that way since I can remember. (i’ve also drank diet coke since i can remember). I’d tried everything over the counter or prescription. I’ve eaten unheard of amounts my fiber, and enough berries that should make you sick. I’d upped my wanter in take… but still….nothing, nothing , and nothing.¬†¬†

After complaining about my problem one day and going through list after list of all the things i’d tried with little to no results, my hubby suggested that I stop drinking diet soda.¬† He suggested that I just give it a try to see if it made a difference.¬† His theory was that the diet coke was going in my body and mixing with my food and turning into a hard tar that would stick to the inside of my stomach and take weeks to come out.¬† He’s told me to do this a million times before but I never listened.¬† Since I had already been making a bunch of healthy changes (many of which he suggested)and seeing such great results, I thought it would be stupid to not try this one!

So..I decided I wouldn’t drink any diet coke for two weeks and see what happened.¬†

Before I tell you how it all worked out, let me share with just you how much diet coke I WAS drinking on a daily, weekly and bi-weekly basis.

Here was a typical day:
9am: 12oz diet coke
12pm: 12oz diet coke after lunch
2pm: 120z diet coke
4:30pm: 120z diet coke when I got home
7:00pm: 120z diet coke with dinner

I did not always have the last two sodas, but I at least ALWAYS had three a day. I think its safe to say that I was drinking about four 120z cans of diet soda a day.  The weekends had to be much more than that.  Probably 7-9 120z cans a day. (when we go out to eat I can easily drink 3 or 4 diet cokes).

So lets do the math there…..

4 /12oz X  4 days a week= 16
7/ 12oz  X 3 days a week= 21
Weekly Total: 37 Minimum
Bi-Weekly Total: 74
Monthly: 148

74 diet cokes in two weeks minimum. 148 per month. WHAT!!! That’s¬†twelve twelve packs in a month, thats almost $50 a month on freaking diet coke.¬†AHHH!!¬† I had never added it up before.¬† I actually didn’t even add it up until I was done with the two week experiment. I went from drinking 74 diet cokes in two weeks to none.¬†I couldn’t believe the number I was drinking when I added it up. My jaw dropped.¬†

So….what was the result you ask?¬† POOP!¬† ūüôā ha ha Sorry to say so but its true! After about day four without the soda I was able to go to the bathroom and not just once, but regularly.¬† NO JOKE. I couldn’t believe it…actually I could believe it, but I was kinda surprised it worked.¬† Score: Dave 1 Natalie 0.¬† More like Dave 1 million Nat 0.¬† He always knows whats best! Why did I just now start listening?

Since then I have¬†totally limited the amount of diet coke I drink. I now maybe drink 2 or 3 in a week, which I feel great about.¬† The thing is, I love diet coke. It is a treat to me.¬† So to limit it completely is not something I feel like I must do.¬†Once and a while is A OKAY by me.¬† I feel so much better now that I know I am not poising my body.¬† I never realized how much damage it was doing to my insides, and to be honest I didn’t really care.¬† Example: The other morning when we were getting on the plane to come back to Utah I saw a guy drinking a Diet Pepsi and I about gagged. (It was¬†¬†4:30am).¬† As horrible as it was that he was putting that into his body, I hate to admit¬†I used to do the exact same thing. It¬†wasn’t rare for me to drive to work early a.m. drinking a diet coke. If you looked next to my¬†night stand what would you see?….diet coke.¬†Hello!! I thought nothing of it.¬† Now I cringe when I see people¬†“abusing”¬†their bodies the way I¬†used to.¬†It’s not until I started caring about my body from the inside out that I started to care what I put inside of it!¬†

Since I have stopped drinking diet coke like a crazy person, the outcome has been wonderful! My digestive problems have all but gone away and I feel great. I drink SO much more water and I believe it’s also helped me not crave sweets as much.

So to answer my question from the beginning of this post….Yes Diet Coke and Poop have quite a bit in common.

Are you or were you addicted to something unhealthy?

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Day 2 Crossfit

September 24, 2009 12 comments

crossfit workout 2

Missed Day 1 Crossfit?

WEEEEEEEEW eee! Even more sore today than I was yesterday. I kinda like it though is that wierd?¬†Yesterdays workout was harder than the day before. I’m feeling sore all over today, not sure why because we didn’t do a full body workout.¬†

I was kinda having a blah day yesterday. I was SUPER tired, and had a head ache for most of the day.¬† When I got home I was not in the mood to go work out but I knew i’d feel better after.¬† Sure enough after the workout I felt awesome.¬† Sure I was sopping wet and my muscles began to tighten, but I felt awesome!¬† Here is what we did…

800M run (.50 miles)
Nat: Avrg speed 6.2 Dave Avg Speed: 6.9
25 KTE (Knees touch elbows)
15 Box jumps

Repeat 4 times!

Wow. This was not easy.¬† The runs weren’t too bad the first time through but after the second and third we were both fighting for air.¬† The KTE’s were killer.¬† It takes every muscle in your body to pull your knees up to touch your elbows, and when your done doing that, jumping up and down onto the box tops it all off!

We were sweating like crazy. We didn’t finish with abs because the KTE’s were enough for us.¬† We stretched and talked about the workout and let our heart rates recover a bit before heading home.

When we got in the car these were dave exact words..”I really like these workouts, they aren’t too long and are super intense. I want to die while i’m doing it but I feel awesome after.”

I’m so glad he likes it…because I love it. And I love doing it together.¬† When I was with my trainer I wasn’t able to slack or take too much time to rest, and it feels the same with Dave. I want to keep up with him and finish in good time so I know i’m pushing myself harder than I would if I was on my own and I really like that!

Day 2 was great.¬† We are taking a rest day today and again on Sunday.¬† When we start back up on Monday I think we will take rest days on Fridays and Sundays. Dave’s muscles are really sore and¬†since he is usually in such great shape working out every day he isnt used to feeling sore. Me on the other hand, it seems like every time I met with my trainer I was in for some pain the next day.¬† I have so many muscles that aren’t developed that its easier for me to get sore than him, but since he hadn’t worked out in over a month, he is feeling it big time! I’m feeling it too, but I’m kinda used to it. ūüôā¬†¬†¬†

We took our measurements yesterday. After we were finished dave looked at the numbers and said…”hey our measurements are about the same”…..some of yours are bigger.¬† I immediately looked at him and said…”uh why would you want to point that out……” he looked at me with a worried look on his face and said…”i dont know”. ha ha ha¬†it was funny. I laughed and told him I was kidding! I didn’t care.¬†Hello I am 5’5 and he is 6’4. Yes some of our measurements were similar, but¬†i’m not going to even entertain the¬†thought¬†of letting that bother me. It doesn’t make sense. (plus he is lean and has¬†long lean¬†legs¬†so it’s not like¬†it’s a bad thing).

The truth is though, in the past that might have made me feel bad and feel self concise or insecure. I might have gotten a little bugged at him for pointing that out.¬† I used to be so touchy and worried about anything he or anyone else would say about me and my body. I would ask him a question and if i didn’t get what I thought was the right response I automatically made myself feel bad.¬†I constantly thought he thought things about me that I now know are not true.¬† The truth is….. He thinks I’m beautiful.He thinks I skinny He loves me the way I am.¬† And he’s¬†thought it all along. I just never believed it until now.¬† Want to know why? Because I didn’t think¬†it about¬†myself.¬† Until I started to focus on¬†positive good uplifting thoughts and work on giving myself complements, I couldn’t believe that he or anyone else may actually be telling the truth.¬†

Unfortunately as women I think we all do this to a certain extent!¬†We are WAY to critical of ourself.¬† Our poor husbands or BF’s end up having to walk around on egg shells because¬†they are worried that they might not say the right thing.¬† Can they read our minds…NO! So why should we expect them to? Next time your husband boyfriend or whoever gives you a compliment or tells you something positive about yourself, instead or asking them if they mean¬†it or analyzing how they said¬†it to¬†try and¬†figure out what they really meant….just¬†BELIEVE it. You are beautiful, and you deserve to believe it!

 Do you have a hard time believing compliments about yourself?



Weekend Update…a little late

September 24, 2009 4 comments


mt. vernon 

Finally an update from our weekend in Illinois.¬† I can’t upload pictures at work and we have been super busy afterwards so it took until last night to get these babys uploaded.¬†

Weekend Recap:

We had a great weekend!¬† The travel was a bit rough however. We didn’t get to bed the first night until nearly 3:00am and on the morning we left to come home we had to be up at 2:30am.¬† By the time we made it home yesterday we were pooped!

The weekend was filled with family, fun, relaxing, baby holding, food¬†and lots of talking.¬† I got up first thing Friday morning and went on a run. It was so beautiful. Since I hadn’t had a chance to exercise in two days I was more than excited to get some good sweating¬†in.¬† The entire run was absolutely beautiful!¬† The air was¬†cool and there was a slight breeze…it was perfect.¬† I was so excited to explore. I have never been to Illinois when it wasn’t cold, so I have not had the chance to do any on foot exploration.

I didn’t take the camera along on my run the first day, but the next morning Dave accompanied me on a LONG walk and we got some great pictures!

Before we started just off to the side of my brother in-laws drive way we ran in to this little guy


I have never seen a turtle that was not in a cage…isn’t he cute?¬† He just sat there and let me take his picture. I’m not sure where he was going…but from the way things looked it was going to take him a while to get there.

We started off on this road..isn’t it cute? Gravel road, big trees, corn field in the distance….it was beautiful
country road

When¬†we made it to the end of the road we were¬†right in front of this beautiful corn field. I’ve never seen a corn field up close before….it was really pretty
corn stalk

Dave husked the corn to reveal the YELLOWEST corn i’d ever seen
yellow corn

He showed me something he used to do when he was younger (pop the hardened corn off the cob by twisting the cob back and forth)…it was really hard to do for my little fingers, but he popped away, it was cool to watch
cobbing the corn

both billy bob
After messing around with the corn we continued on our walk…only to be interrupted by¬†A willy worm (I think). It was so cute. It is a fuzzy catapiller. He was cruising really fast across the road. (We ran into about 20 of these along the way) I¬†couln’t believe how fast they were! I’d never seen one before so I was fascinated.
willy worm

There were so many new things that¬†I had never seen before that It made it hard to keep a steady pace the entire time, and since I run much slower than dave, he lagged behind while I ran here and there to keep my heart rate up. (Isn’t the scenery amazing?!)

nat running
yummy smell tree

big tree

We ended up at Rend Lake. Dave used to come here on his bike and four-wheeler as a kid.


He hadn’t ever gone on foot to this spot¬†and didn’t realize how long it would take to get there and back.¬† We were gone over 2 hours.

On the way back we saw this….ha ha a beetle pushing a piece of poop four times its size, he was cooking it!…its was really funny
dung beatle
We made it back an hour and a half later than planned, but it was really fun!¬† We had a hoarse fly chase us, saw endless¬†feilds of soy beans, huge worm webs and many other bugs that I’d never seen.¬† The walk ended with a huge finale.¬† The most disgusting, huge, unbelievable spider I have ever and will ever see.¬† This picture is disturbing.¬† The butt on this thing is the size of a LARGE grape. Or the tip of¬†your thumb.¬† Its legs were thick and so long….the picture does not do it justice

I was creeped out the rest of the trip. I checked the sheets every night and dreamt of spiders when I closed my eyes.  I had constant goosebumps and was flat out disgusted!

Ok enough about that stupid spider. The rest of the weekend was really nice.¬† We took a nice drive to a near by city to¬†eat¬†¬†lunch with Dave’s parents

Check out these beautiful tree’s in front of the house

trees nat
On Saturday after noon we had a bbq with the family and enjoyed the beautiful weather

bbq joel

And spent hours doing this (dave’s first nephew on his side baby joel)


We did a lot¬†of this too…(relaxing)


¬†Sorry for the picture over load, I had a lot of fun taking pictures, there were so many new things for me to discover!¬†All in all we had¬†great weekend! It was wonderful to see family, so fun to meet our newest nephew! It was also really fun getting out and exploring. The exercise we did flew by because we were having so much fun and seeing new things!¬† What a great way to work off those extra calories that we always seem to eat on vacation.¬† Dave and I always have good intentions of eating healthy and not over doing it when we¬†go on vacation, but¬†it always seems that we end up eating way too much. Being out of your normal routine, eating food your not used to eating, indulging in desert every night….it can really add up!!¬† Thank goodness for Crossfit! ūüôā

Do you get off track with your eating  when you are on vacation?
Do you exercise on vacation?

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Counting Calories

September 23, 2009 15 comments

calories jot

I have always counted calories. I can tell you how many calories are in any food you can think of (as long as i’ve heard of it).¬† I’ve memorized the serving and portion sizes on every food label and am well aware of the calories in hundreds of dishes at hundreds of restaurants. I am familiar with every¬†calorie counting site that’s out there and have compared food¬†between all the sites.¬†I never intended to memorize how many calories were in everything, but after obsessing over it for so long, it¬†just¬†happened. I became my own calorie directory.

Anytime I ate anything I¬†would either write down exactly what I had eaten portion size and all or I’d¬†leave a running total in my head, which would eventually get written down, I have notebook after note book tracking my daily intake. It wasn’t odd to find sticky notes around the house with random¬†numbers that would eventually be added into the daily total.¬† Every bite, every sip, every crunch…I counted.¬† Oh the insanity. Oh the burden. Oh the responsiblity.¬† It¬†was a chore. I’ve counted calories for so long that I don’t know how to not count them.

Over the past 10 months I¬† have¬†tried to stop counting calories and measure or count every single thing I put in my mouth and I have¬†gotten so much better. But still almost everyday I¬†end up¬†calculating¬†calories. Sometimes its at the end of the day or sometimes its in the middle.¬†I’ll leave a running total in my head or jot it on a piece of paper…its not that I’m trying to stay below a certain number of calories¬†like I¬†have done in the past. I think it has something to do with me worrying¬†I might be eating too much or even too little, or maybe I just don’t remember how to eat without counting.

I’m not quite sure how to kick this habit, and I’d love any ideas, suggestions, or personal triumphs.¬† I try to eat when my body is hungry and choose foods that are healthy and nutritious, but I’ve still not been able to let go of the counting completely.¬† It is no longer an obsession but a small reminder or my past and something i’d like to eliminate completely.¬† I know that many of you have been in similar situations and have found success, or maybe you have¬†never even counted calories and are “normal” eater…either way I’d love some suggestions and a helping hand.

Here are a few questions:

Do you count calories?
(if yes, is it an obsession or is it helpful and positive)
 (if no, have you ever in the past and was it a positive experience )

If you don’t count calories how do you keep track of what you eaten on a daily basis?

Have you or are you currently losing weight without counting calories?

What do you think about calorie counting?

Day 1 Crossfit

September 23, 2009 3 comments

My muscles are sore!¬† Yesterdays work out was awesome! It was surprisingly short,¬†but KICKED OUR BUTTS. Dave has not worked out for over a month and the workout nearly killed him, poor guy. His lungs were burning!¬† Mine were too, but since¬†I have been working out consistently it wasn’t as brutal for me.¬†He did finish a lot quicker than me and was¬†lifting a lot more weights, but I think his gap in exercise contributed to his lungs¬†being on fire.

Here’s what we did: I listed the weight we used for each exercise to the side. Mine is the first dave’s is the second.

15 Dead Lifts      (45lbs/115lbs)
15 Wall balls      (14lbs/20lbs)
15 Burpees   (body weight)
15 Dips         (I used the assited pull up dip machine and added 12lbs on for support)

Repeated 3 times. The goal is to rest as little as possible between sets.

Sounds like it would be a piece of cake right?¬† Wrong.¬† Alone any of these exercises would be pretty easy, but when you put them all together with little to no rest after each set, it is¬† REDICULOUSLY hard.¬† It took a good 5-10 minutes to bring my heart rate down enough to add on some sit ups at the end, and by the time we walked out to the car, both of our thighs were already sore! Ha….too funny! The workout only latest about 20 minutes so it was really short but super intense. Todays workout will last a bit longer and looks really hard..i’m excited!¬†

It doesn’t look like anyone is interested in joining us on our 30 day Crossfit challenge, but thats ok…if you don’t want to do it, you can still read about what we are doing here.

I don’t know what it is about a butt kicking workout but it makes me feel like a million dollars. I feel so strong and proud.¬† I feel like I can accomplish anything. I love how working out gives me a positive attitute¬†and the confidence to¬†achive big things.

Before I started my change to a¬† “healthy lifestyle” I truly thought exercise was just a stepping stone that helped me lose¬†weight, period dot.¬†I never thought it was more than that. I never imagined i’d be someone who worked out¬†on a daily basis and NEVER though i’d¬†ever¬†love it.¬†Now¬†I can’t imagine not doing it. Happy day. ūüôā

We came home after the work out and had a yummy dinner.¬† Whole wheat angel hair pasta with Morning Star Grillers Crumbels and yummy spaghetti sauce.¬† After dinner I had a sweet tooth like normal and I wasn’t sure what to eat. I usually go for some peanut butter or rice pudding, but since were not eating sugar I opted for some fresh peaches. Even though I love fruit, it was not what I was craving. But what do you know….they were delish.¬†I was just as satisfied with a bowl of peaches as I would have been with something full of sugar.
Fancy that. ūüôā

I meant to upload some pictures last night from our trip to Illinois so I could give an update from the weekend, but I forgot. I’ll try and get to it tonight.

Have a wonderful day!

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30 Days of Crossfit

September 22, 2009 6 comments


Dave and I have challenged each other to 3o days of Crossfit. We are also eliminating sugar from our diet. Not all sugar but anything with high sugar.¬† No deserts, candy, treats…or all of the stuff we eat¬†WAY too much of.¬†We are both lacking excitement in our workouts and are looking forward to getting stronger and leaner. Since my last day with my trainer I haven’t done Crossfit so I’m super excited to get started again this afternoon.¬† Dave was the one who suggested doing it together and I was thrilled with the idea. Usually he likes to do his own thing, so when he suggested we do Crossfit together I was SO excited!¬†We are going to (well me at least,i’ll see if i can talk dave into it) take our measurements¬†tonight and see what sort of progress we make after 30 days.¬† I was only doing¬†Crossfit 2x a week with my trainer so everyday is going to be a challenge, but I am up for it!¬†I am excited to build up more endurance and get stronger. Heck…I might be able to throw that pull up party by then!¬†There are a few rest days in-between so it’s not 7x a week, more like 5 or 6.¬†¬† I bought the 30 day shred and plan on doing it with my sister-in law and dave if he’s up for it after we do our 30 days of Crossfit.¬† I love taking on new challenges and setting goals.¬† Tonight Dave and I are going to set a few goals for the next 30 days to keep us motivated and going strong!

I thought it might be fun to¬†challenge¬†husbands and wifes, bf and¬†gf to do this as well. I will¬†post our workouts each day and talk about them a little bit, we can discuss what we did¬†each day and help each other stay motivated and strong. You can follow our workouts, or you can go to www.crossfithardcore.com and pick and choose your own workouts. I don’t want my posts to be all about cross fit, but while¬†we’re doing it I thought it would be fun to talk about it. So if you are interested in doing it with us, ask ur hubby, ur boyfriend, or¬†challenge¬†yourself…

Oh ps…I have a post almost ready to publish about our weekend in Illinois, but I have to wait until I get home to upload some more pictures!¬†

Do you work out with your husband, boyfriend, friends?
If so does it help you stay more motivated than when you’re on your own?

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September 17, 2009 12 comments

guilt trip bagg

Dr. Laura says that guilt is something you feel when you do something wrong. I felt guilty today about something and i’d like to share. I’d planned on waking up early this morning (earlier than normal)¬†and getting in¬†a good¬†work out before heading to work.¬† I had to get here (work) early because we are leaving to go to Illinois¬†this afternoon¬†to visit Dave’s family.¬† I set my alarm, but unfortunatley¬†didn’t hear it go off, this rarely happens, so when I woke up to the clock reading 6:15 am I was pretty confused. I raced to get ready and get out the door. I ended up getting here at my normal time sans any exercise.¬† I know it’s not¬†a big of a deal for most people to miss a day of exercise¬†and i’m ok with a day here or there too, but¬†Tuesday I was really sore and I thought it was important to let my¬†muscles recover, and yesterday I planned on it being another off day due to our¬†plans after work. I came in super early yesterday¬†and was not about to get up at 3am to exercise (that would be an extreme behavior and i’m working to stay away from those).¬† So this mornings exercise was something I was not only looking forward¬†to, but also something I felt was important. As I sat at my desk this morning¬†I started to¬†feel guilty.¬† Before I let these thoughts get the best of me I called “Dr. Phil” (my husband) (hopefully he is amused by all these names i’m making up for him) He is my go to guy and when i’m struggling with what I call negative behavior and can’t quite push it out on my own, he always helps me see things clearly.¬† I told him how I was feeling and the first thing he said was….”guilt is something you feel when you do something wrong”.¬†¬†He then asked me if¬†I did something wrong.¬† My answer was of course, No.¬† Every so often he lets out a comment that i’m sure he’s been holding in for the just right moment…this time he said, nat you’ve got to stop feeling guilty about so many things.¬† My immediate thought was “what things”…but instead of being defensive, I¬†agreeded and after¬†few more words of encouragement we ended the conversation with an i love you and g-bye.

When we got off the phone I thought about what he said for a bit.¬† Geeze louise… This week alone I thought of three times that I felt guilt……I do feel guilty about a lot of things, and probably most are unwarranted.¬† It’s good to care about¬†personal things,¬†others and their feelings, but if¬†caring makes you feel guilty all the time, then it’s not a healthy¬†type of care. I continued to analyze.

This may sound crazy, but I actually like it when I figure out something about myself that needs to change.¬† It’s a challenge and something to work towards.¬† I have made¬† many changes in my life over the past 3 years. Instead of being offended or defensive when a personal¬†challenge arises, I am actually motivated and excited to tackle it.¬† I feel lucky to have a husband who loves me enough to help me progress and give me encouragement when I need it.

Guilt is not warranted when you did nothing wrong. I’ve known this all along and have probably counsled family on this very subject.¬† Taking a step away from my own mind and saying it over and over really helped me apply it to my situation today. I’ve got better things to do than pack my bags and send myself on a guilt trip.¬†See ya later ya guilt…don’t let the door hit ya on the way out! ūüôā

I no longer feel guilty about not exercising today. It is not going to kill me. Don’t get me wrong, my overly guilty conscience has not been eternally cured, but I did have a good long talk with it (my guilt), and I’m pretty sure it knows that i’m not too happy with how its been acting.¬† Hopefully it payed close attention to what I told it. Over time i think it will slowly start to leave me alone. ūüôā


Do you feel guilty¬†often? Not just about your diet or exercise…but anything in life?

How do you eliminate unnecessary guilt?

ps…i’m headed off to a small town in Illinois with no more than 400 people.¬† Dave’s brother doesn’t have internet and his parents only have dial up…so it’s not likely that i’ll be posting this weekend. I’ll make sure to take some good pictures and report when I get back.¬† They live out in the country and I plan on going on a few runs, it shall be lovely…i’ll let ya know how it goes!

Getting to know you…and me :)

September 17, 2009 13 comments

It’s been a few weeks since I started this blog and I can’t tell you how much i’ve enjoyed it.¬† I appreciate all of your comments and gain so much strength and excitement through¬†reading your stories and learning more about what motivates you.¬† I thought it might be fun to do a little “get to know you” post.¬† There are so many people I have communicated with¬†over the past few weeks that I¬†don’t know and have never met. I thought it would be fun if we were able to get to know each other a little better through this post?¬† If you are reading this, I want to get to know you!¬†¬†I haven’t shared too much about myself, outside of¬† my about me ¬†and my few posts, so here is a little more about me and my life.

Hi, its me…nat¬†or nattie to dave, nanny to¬†the fam, nat to friends..aka Natalieme carFact: I like to braid the front part of my hair

My desk 7-4pm (bah humbug)deskFiction: I’m in love with my job

This is what I do at work:
me sleepFact: Yes, this is a fact

This is Little honey
rocket launch daveFact: He always smells good ALWAYS

The Shaw’s (that’s our last name)usFact: I knew I loved him before I bet him..
(true story…we met through a mutual friend who introduced us¬†
through facebook he lived in Washington I lived in Utah)

Cute little turtle
Turtlelayout-1Fiction: She doesn’t drive me crazy when she meows like a crazy cat ūüôā

Our happy day -6.1.07-
Question: Do you like my hair better brown or blonde?

We currently reside here
utah_90Fact: If my family wasn’t here I wouldn’t be either

We used to live here (Portland, Oregon)
11111111Fiction: I hate the rain

Ok, I think thats enough pictures for now.¬† I’ll end with a few other things that I love:¬† I love all things fitness, love to eat, love to sleep, love to cuddle, love to watch tv, love to be with family, love the rain,¬†love to travel, love to take naps, love to wake up early, love to talk, love to dance, love to learn, love to laugh, love to love.

I’d love to learn more about you. I know most people hate when they are asked to stand up and tell something special or unique about them selves, but since this is a blog I won’t make you stand up, I’ll only ask that you tell me something unique or special¬†about yourself.¬† Give me some insight into who you are.¬†Take the opportunity while your at it to appreciate yourself¬†for who you are!!¬†Can’t wait to read what you have to say!


What is something unique about you?

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