I learned a great lesson in perception last month. Since its taken me forever to get started on this blog I am just now writing about it.

So here’s the situation. At the beginning of July I started to do a push up challenge. This challenge helped you build up to do up to 100 pushups in 6 weeks.

( I’d like to note that 5 months ago I couldn’t even do one and now I can do A LOT! )

Anyhow…. at the beginning of the challenge I decided I wanted to take a few before pictures to see if my shoulders, arms and back would see any improvement.  I made it clear to Dave that I only wanted the pictures of my arms and upper back…I also made it very clear that I didn’t want him to take a picture of my stomach or lower back.  I was concerned at how my “love handles” would look. I remember picturing how they would look (the love handles) on camera and I didn’t want to see it. He ignored me and took the pictures from the waste up.  As I scrolled through the picture and got to the picture that showed my lower back, I was very surprised.  The excess fat that I perceived to be hanging over my pants did not exist.  What? Right then I realized that my perception of my body is WAY off.

Is my body perfect? NO.  Is it Fat? NO.

For me to be so paranoid about my love handles that don’t really exist was ridiculous.  I was so glad this happened. It gave me a positive mental kick back into reality.  I realized that sometimes we perceive things much different than they really are!  For me my body is one of those things! After this experience I decided to make a positive change. Ya know those jeans you never wear cus they are a bit snug, or that shirt that is so cute but makes you feel fat?  I HAD…key word HAD a ton of  those.  I decided that I was going to wear them…all of them.  I realized that my perception of how I looked in them was not real and I was letting perfectly good clothes sit on their hangers when I could be wearing them and looking great doing so.  It felt awesome…and still does, and I increased my wardrobe a ton!  I have been wearing all of things that in the past I would feel uncomfortable or “fat” wearing and I actually feel great when wearing them….

QA: How is your perception of your body?  Are you realistic?

Challenge:  Pick out an item of clothing that you have purposely been avoiding because it doesn’t fit right or you feel “fat” in and wear it tomorrow.  When you wear it feel confident and realize that you are beautiful!  Tell yourself you deserve to feel this way and you will not let a tight pair of jeans, or love handles make you feel otherwise!

  1. Shelly Belly
    September 5, 2009 at 5:08 pm

    Love it! After we talked about this I did exaclty what you said and wore a swim suit that I had stopped wearing because I felt fat! I know I didn’t look skinny in it but I still looked cute! Good job sister!

    • nataliekshaw
      September 5, 2009 at 8:08 pm

      That’s awesome! You did look skinny! And your suit is SO cute!

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