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Weekend Update…a little late


mt. vernon 

Finally an update from our weekend in Illinois.  I can’t upload pictures at work and we have been super busy afterwards so it took until last night to get these babys uploaded. 

Weekend Recap:

We had a great weekend!  The travel was a bit rough however. We didn’t get to bed the first night until nearly 3:00am and on the morning we left to come home we had to be up at 2:30am.  By the time we made it home yesterday we were pooped!

The weekend was filled with family, fun, relaxing, baby holding, food and lots of talking.  I got up first thing Friday morning and went on a run. It was so beautiful. Since I hadn’t had a chance to exercise in two days I was more than excited to get some good sweating in.  The entire run was absolutely beautiful!  The air was cool and there was a slight breeze…it was perfect.  I was so excited to explore. I have never been to Illinois when it wasn’t cold, so I have not had the chance to do any on foot exploration.

I didn’t take the camera along on my run the first day, but the next morning Dave accompanied me on a LONG walk and we got some great pictures!

Before we started just off to the side of my brother in-laws drive way we ran in to this little guy


I have never seen a turtle that was not in a cage…isn’t he cute?  He just sat there and let me take his picture. I’m not sure where he was going…but from the way things looked it was going to take him a while to get there.

We started off on this road..isn’t it cute? Gravel road, big trees, corn field in the distance….it was beautiful
country road

When we made it to the end of the road we were right in front of this beautiful corn field. I’ve never seen a corn field up close before….it was really pretty
corn stalk

Dave husked the corn to reveal the YELLOWEST corn i’d ever seen
yellow corn

He showed me something he used to do when he was younger (pop the hardened corn off the cob by twisting the cob back and forth)…it was really hard to do for my little fingers, but he popped away, it was cool to watch
cobbing the corn

both billy bob
After messing around with the corn we continued on our walk…only to be interrupted by A willy worm (I think). It was so cute. It is a fuzzy catapiller. He was cruising really fast across the road. (We ran into about 20 of these along the way) I couln’t believe how fast they were! I’d never seen one before so I was fascinated.
willy worm

There were so many new things that I had never seen before that It made it hard to keep a steady pace the entire time, and since I run much slower than dave, he lagged behind while I ran here and there to keep my heart rate up. (Isn’t the scenery amazing?!)

nat running
yummy smell tree

big tree

We ended up at Rend Lake. Dave used to come here on his bike and four-wheeler as a kid.


He hadn’t ever gone on foot to this spot and didn’t realize how long it would take to get there and back.  We were gone over 2 hours.

On the way back we saw this….ha ha a beetle pushing a piece of poop four times its size, he was cooking it!…its was really funny
dung beatle
We made it back an hour and a half later than planned, but it was really fun!  We had a hoarse fly chase us, saw endless feilds of soy beans, huge worm webs and many other bugs that I’d never seen.  The walk ended with a huge finale.  The most disgusting, huge, unbelievable spider I have ever and will ever see.  This picture is disturbing.  The butt on this thing is the size of a LARGE grape. Or the tip of your thumb.  Its legs were thick and so long….the picture does not do it justice

I was creeped out the rest of the trip. I checked the sheets every night and dreamt of spiders when I closed my eyes.  I had constant goosebumps and was flat out disgusted!

Ok enough about that stupid spider. The rest of the weekend was really nice.  We took a nice drive to a near by city to eat  lunch with Dave’s parents

Check out these beautiful tree’s in front of the house

trees nat
On Saturday after noon we had a bbq with the family and enjoyed the beautiful weather

bbq joel

And spent hours doing this (dave’s first nephew on his side baby joel)


We did a lot of this too…(relaxing)


 Sorry for the picture over load, I had a lot of fun taking pictures, there were so many new things for me to discover! All in all we had great weekend! It was wonderful to see family, so fun to meet our newest nephew! It was also really fun getting out and exploring. The exercise we did flew by because we were having so much fun and seeing new things!  What a great way to work off those extra calories that we always seem to eat on vacation.  Dave and I always have good intentions of eating healthy and not over doing it when we go on vacation, but it always seems that we end up eating way too much. Being out of your normal routine, eating food your not used to eating, indulging in desert every night….it can really add up!!  Thank goodness for Crossfit! 🙂

Do you get off track with your eating  when you are on vacation?
Do you exercise on vacation?

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  1. September 24, 2009 at 7:56 am

    Wow – what great pictures! We see corn, soybeans, and lots of creatures here in TN! We also have a lot of cotton fields around us. When we first moved here we didn’t know what it was until it started turning white. We stopped the car and said, “Hey is that cotton?” It was!

  2. Jacky
    September 24, 2009 at 9:06 am

    I love all your pictures! I can’t believe all the things you saw! Many of the things you saw I have only read about and you saw them all on one walk! Amazing! I always have good intention for vacations but end up doing worse than planned on the eating side. But as long as I keep exercising then I do feel better about the whole thing! It really is so pretty there!

    • September 24, 2009 at 9:49 am

      I know, I can’t believe I saw that much stuff either. It was so foriegn. There were so many things i’d only read about or seen in movies. I didn’t even post a lot of the pictures. Can you believe that spider. sick you woudl have died they were everywhere. i’m talking EVERYWHERE. i could never EVER live there.

  3. September 24, 2009 at 9:33 am

    AWWW beautiful pics! LOVE the trees, the BABY…ohhhh and the beautiful scenery!

    I feel vaca’s are for LIVING and experienceing all that a new area has to offer! no worries…and YES if I can I get in as much movement of any kind as I can…(but we don’t vacation often, so it’s not a problem)

    (and that spider woulda creeped me out too!)

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