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I’m pregnant!! …..ok Just kidding. But I am moving!  Not cities or houses or jobs,
but blog locations!  You can now find me at 

New site: http://www.nono2yoyo.com
Feed: http://www.nono2yoyo.com/?feed=rss2

It’s still the same blog but in a new location and with a new look! I will be posting all of my new posts on that site, so make sure to update all your feeds, links, blogs etc to the new site address so you can come and visit me there! I just finished the transfer this morning and am still working on a few things so bare with me. I’m excited that I have my own site…i’ve never had one before. yay!


If you have ever thought about self hosting but aren’t quite sure how to make the switch, check out this amazing blog that I came across the other day. Its called Health Blog Helper. If you are new to the health/food/fitness blogging world like me there are so many things that exist that I’m not even aware of, and at times its pretty overwhelming. Health Blog Helper has been a life saver! Matt, the host has been so awesome to answer every single question i’ve had about moving my blog and figuring out how things work. I’m no stranger to technology but there is a lot to know and learn and without the help of him and his blog I would not even know where to start!
Thanks Matt!

I’m still experimenting with the new layout and look check it out and let me know what you think!

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