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Diet Coke and Poop


Diet Coke and Poop.  Do they have anything in common??

Sorry to say the “P” word…but it’s what this post is all about. Before I get started I have a short disclaimer: I realize that the amount of diet coke I’m about to tell you about is an awful, crazy, disgusting, absurd, ridiculous, crazy, stupid amount. Just for the record, I know.

I thought it was important to throw that out there before I tell you just how much I was drinking.

I have always had a hard time with my digestion…mostly the part where the food exits your body. I just couldn’t go. It was pretty normal for me to go just once a week.  It’s been that way since I can remember. (i’ve also drank diet coke since i can remember). I’d tried everything over the counter or prescription. I’ve eaten unheard of amounts my fiber, and enough berries that should make you sick. I’d upped my wanter in take… but still….nothing, nothing , and nothing.  

After complaining about my problem one day and going through list after list of all the things i’d tried with little to no results, my hubby suggested that I stop drinking diet soda.  He suggested that I just give it a try to see if it made a difference.  His theory was that the diet coke was going in my body and mixing with my food and turning into a hard tar that would stick to the inside of my stomach and take weeks to come out.  He’s told me to do this a million times before but I never listened.  Since I had already been making a bunch of healthy changes (many of which he suggested)and seeing such great results, I thought it would be stupid to not try this one!

So..I decided I wouldn’t drink any diet coke for two weeks and see what happened. 

Before I tell you how it all worked out, let me share with just you how much diet coke I WAS drinking on a daily, weekly and bi-weekly basis.

Here was a typical day:
9am: 12oz diet coke
12pm: 12oz diet coke after lunch
2pm: 120z diet coke
4:30pm: 120z diet coke when I got home
7:00pm: 120z diet coke with dinner

I did not always have the last two sodas, but I at least ALWAYS had three a day. I think its safe to say that I was drinking about four 120z cans of diet soda a day.  The weekends had to be much more than that.  Probably 7-9 120z cans a day. (when we go out to eat I can easily drink 3 or 4 diet cokes).

So lets do the math there…..

4 /12oz X  4 days a week= 16
7/ 12oz  X 3 days a week= 21
Weekly Total: 37 Minimum
Bi-Weekly Total: 74
Monthly: 148

74 diet cokes in two weeks minimum. 148 per month. WHAT!!! That’s twelve twelve packs in a month, thats almost $50 a month on freaking diet coke. AHHH!!  I had never added it up before.  I actually didn’t even add it up until I was done with the two week experiment. I went from drinking 74 diet cokes in two weeks to none. I couldn’t believe the number I was drinking when I added it up. My jaw dropped. 

So….what was the result you ask?  POOP!  🙂 ha ha Sorry to say so but its true! After about day four without the soda I was able to go to the bathroom and not just once, but regularly.  NO JOKE. I couldn’t believe it…actually I could believe it, but I was kinda surprised it worked.  Score: Dave 1 Natalie 0.  More like Dave 1 million Nat 0.  He always knows whats best! Why did I just now start listening?

Since then I have totally limited the amount of diet coke I drink. I now maybe drink 2 or 3 in a week, which I feel great about.  The thing is, I love diet coke. It is a treat to me.  So to limit it completely is not something I feel like I must do. Once and a while is A OKAY by me.  I feel so much better now that I know I am not poising my body.  I never realized how much damage it was doing to my insides, and to be honest I didn’t really care.  Example: The other morning when we were getting on the plane to come back to Utah I saw a guy drinking a Diet Pepsi and I about gagged. (It was  4:30am).  As horrible as it was that he was putting that into his body, I hate to admit I used to do the exact same thing. It wasn’t rare for me to drive to work early a.m. drinking a diet coke. If you looked next to my night stand what would you see?….diet coke. Hello!! I thought nothing of it.  Now I cringe when I see people “abusing” their bodies the way I used to. It’s not until I started caring about my body from the inside out that I started to care what I put inside of it! 

Since I have stopped drinking diet coke like a crazy person, the outcome has been wonderful! My digestive problems have all but gone away and I feel great. I drink SO much more water and I believe it’s also helped me not crave sweets as much.

So to answer my question from the beginning of this post….Yes Diet Coke and Poop have quite a bit in common.

Are you or were you addicted to something unhealthy?

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  1. September 25, 2009 at 7:21 am

    Thanks for your comment on my blog yesterday 🙂 I’m really liking yours. I used to drink a lot of diet coke too – I got it free at work so I didn’t even have the money incentive to stop. I cut it out cold turkey back in… February I think, and I’ve only had a few diet drinks since then. I’m looking forward to when stevia sweetened drinks become more popular. I can’t think of anything else I’ve ever been addicted to besides candy when I was a freshman in college. I cut that out too. Sugar in general is so addicting for me.

  2. Toni
    September 25, 2009 at 9:15 am

    Diet Coke 🙂 But I poop so that is my excuse until I come up with a better one.

  3. September 25, 2009 at 3:00 pm

    haha, love the picture! 🙂 I used to drink about as much as you too!! I was without a doubt addicted. It wasn’t uncommon to see me piling as many 2 liters in my grocery cart as possible to “stock up” and one day I ran into a co-worker with an insane amount of diet soda in my cart and she never let me live that down!! 😉

    Just like you’ve I cut waaaaay down and the one thing I’ve noticed is less headaches! Never had the poop problem though… haha, poop! I think that’s the first time I’ve left a comment on someone’s blog with the P word, hehe! 😉

  4. September 25, 2009 at 3:29 pm

    Such a good post! I love my diet coke, but have a hard time limiting it – I have one a day. I would like it to be zero, but for me it’s all or nothing.

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